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As a squad of enterprise & startup consultants, software engineers, data scientists, designers and marketers, we provide one-stop IT solutions that help enable your business goals and create desired impacts.

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When it comes to tech, your business deserves more than just a vendor. With such belief in mind, we incorporate strategic business thinking, industries’ best practices and on-point technologies in our every service. Collaboration has thus been incorporated into our DNA.

Startup & SME
IT consulting

Startup & Enterprise
IT consulting
Our 7+ years cutting teeth in over 30 startup & SME endeavors pay off with strong network and know-hows capacities to tell you what would more probably work and how.
Software Engineering
Software Engineering
Our outstanding expertises in platform design, software engineering and machine learning arm us with full-stack weapons to provide you with end-to-end solutions, optimizing time and financial budget.
Research & Development
Research & Development
Ceaselessly learning and innovating enable us staying ahead of the curve. Let’s take your business to the next level with our deep tech solutions and 5 tried-and-tested products!

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We pursue Oneness
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As clients win, users win, our employees win, we win.
At Enable Startup, we build technologies for the sake of humanity.
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Our team has been grown 10X since our foundation. To be continued!


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To you they might mean eCommerce websites, enterprise solutions, mobile apps, IoT projects or so. To us they are all beautiful records of our journey.

Biologic Technik

Internet of Things. Mobile App.


Web Application. UX & UI Design.



Enterprise Solutions


Foto Koch

Web Development & Maintenance

Web Application


Erria A/S

Web Development. UX & UI Design.

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Khởi nghiệp không nên là một hành trình cô đơn. Bên cạnh co-founder và core team, bạn cần một đội …

Khởi nguồn là một phương pháp tiếp cận được sử dụng trong các dự án phát triển phần mềm, Agile …

Khởi nguồn là một phương pháp tiếp cận được sử dụng trong các dự án phát triển phần mềm, Agile …

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