Our Works

To you they might mean eCommerce websites, enterprise solutions, mobile apps, IoT projects or so. To us they are all beautiful records of our journey. Let’s check them out!
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Enterprise Solutions

Biologic Technik

Internet of Things. Mobile App


Web Application. UX & UI Design


Enterprise Solutions

Foto Koch

Website Development & Maintenance


Web Application

Erria A/S

Website Development. UX & UI Design

Our tried-and-true products

As product people at heart, we find pure joy in carving out complete solutions that relieve real business painpoints. So far, our products have been empowering 5 startups and SMEs in Vietnam and Singapore in their digital transformation roadmaps.
An IoT engine dedicated to healthcare teams and patients with real time support and rich interative communication features
All-in-one platform for managers to be on top of their teams’ performance and spot room for improvement with least effort required
A motion tracking system that assists doctors and nurses to keep track of patients’ status and motion with real time visualization and alert features. The product can be adapted to many other industries.
Making use of smart and interactive boards, OMZONE provides concept creators and designers with a great visual collaboration tool to efficiently work on their projects at a simultaneous basis.
A data crawler and visualization tool that offers highly customizable dashboards and actionable insights.

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